2015’s Top Best Places To Buy a Home

Each year we are surprised with whole new experiences, new opportunities, new products, new everything. However, 2015 came to surprise everyone with everything it has in store for us. Especially when it comes to buying homes. This year the best homes are available for you to purchase and it comes with even better prices than before! I don’t know about you but I’m definitely getting SO excited for all the things 2015 has in store for us. I can’t even imagine how even better 2016 will be like but I can’t wait!

With so many locations and homes to choose from, I’ve managed to pick only the best ones for my fellow beloved readers. Also, if you are searching for a new home, this article will definitely help you just as it did with my friends! Now enough chit-chat and lets begin on this incredible journey!


Fremont, CA

I will always put Fremont CA as my number one. This was one of the many places where I searched for a new cozy home. However, it was always difficult to find a good realtor. Most of them didn’t even know how to properly do their job and others were trying to find ways to scam me. I almost gave up until my grandmother suggested Executive Homes Realty Inc. I had no idea who they were and I was very hesitant at first because I didn’t think they would really help me with what I was looking for.

There were many homes for sale in Fremont and I had no idea which of all to choose as they were all so amazing. But I simply told them what I was looking for and they gave me what I asked for and even more!  I was so pleased and my new home is so awesome I will probably never want to leave!


New York

Also known as the big apple is filled with so many opportunities and it’s also a perfect place to make all your dreams come true. New York has so many homes for sell but they are a bit more expensive than the homes in Fremont. However, New York is still a great place to live in.



Ohio has great food, great people, and great homes. And this year, purchasing and buying homes has never been easier. My old home actually used to be located in Ohio. I loved the weather and everyone was very nice to me but the house where I lived in wasn’t what I was looking for. I also looked for other homes in Ohio and they were all gorgeous but I still kept thinking how I still needed something more. This eventually led me to search homes in Fremont.

The prices of houses in Ohio and Fremont are quite similar. However, I also had tough luck at searching for a good realtor back in Ohio. I suggest searching online for a recommended realtor located in Ohio if you plan on living there.


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