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Many homeowners who lost their homes from bankruptcy in the Great Recession of 2008-2012 have been forced to rent apartments or other rental homes. Some of them haven’t rented a property in 10-15 years, so the process was likely a little new and bewildering for some older, former homeowners.

What’s to know about apartment hunting now? Have the basics changed? What’s included in the overall lease? Are renters required to have renters insurance? These questions periodically come up with renters, so here’s a list of tips to help renters find their way through the maze called renting.

Location Insights

Getting a high-quality rental depends a great deal on the location of the rental unit. Is it near a trafficked roadway? Is there shopping nearby? Is the apartment tucked away in a multi-unit complex? What’s the parking situation there? Knowing where you want to be is a good starting point for choosing an apartment.

Monthly Fees

What’s included in the lease agreement? Is water usage included? What about gas? In some older apartments, the entire building is gas-heated and can be included in rent. Make sure to have a list of what’s included in your monthly rent, and what’s considered extra monthly costs.

Renters Insurance

In some multi-unit rental complexes, it’s becoming standard practice for residents to have some form of renters insurance. It’s usually a good sign, rather than bad, that the leasing company requires this, as this indicates the type of responsible renter with valuable personal possessions want to insure a certain type of renter on the property. With renters insurance from the likes of www.Kemper.com, a new tenant can have peace of mind about personal possessions in a new apartment community.

Ask Questions

Sometimes a prospective tenant might see an apartment that a departing tenant is still in. If so, wait until the agent is on a call, and ask the departing tenant questions on reasons for leaving, overall impressions of living there, what the neighbors are like, are repairs made quickly and more insights. Or when you meet with the rental agent or landlord, get specific answers to questions like:

What is the monthly rent?

– Are there any city taxes that are extra?

– Is parking free for residents?

– What’s security like?

Maintenance Concerns

Renters rent to free themselves, in some case, of the occasional maintenance headaches of home ownership. So before renting, make sure you know who will fix and repair items that require a handyman touch. Who will repair screens, window locks, drippy faucets, broken pipes, clogged dish drains and other repair eventualities? Know the answer for all aspects before signing a lease will help a prospective renter.

Knowing what you want in a living residence matters greatly in this entire situation. Are you happier living in apartments, with a community of neighbors to meet and perhaps befriend? Or are you at heart a frustrated homeowner? Knowing this beforehand can save you time and energy when looking at rental opportunities.

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