Asking the Right Questions About Movers

When considering long distance home movers, one should always check that they have a valid registration license with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and a valid US Department of Transportation (USDOT) number. Also, home moving companies are also affiliated with several moving associations all over the U.S.

You should always ask in detail about the costs involved as some long distance home movers might charge extra for something another home moving company regards as standard. Most home moving companies will offer some form of insurance but you should always ask detailed questions as different companies might calculate insurance differently while others might charge an additional fee or the coverage might be different. To ensure the security and safety of your belongings, you should always enquire about each moving company’s insurance plan.

Most if not all home moving companies will offer storage, either temporary or permanent and in some cases some will even offer portable storage solutions. Some larger home moving companies throw in storage services for free or for a nominal fee at least. One should also determine whether a company has any complaints against them or at least enquire how long do these home moving companies process damage claims just in case a need for it arises upon arrival in your new home city.

Reputable companies will be more than glad to provide you with any referrals or letters from satisfied customers to allay any questions you might have about the quality of their services. This can also be obtained from their websites.

Getting a proper quote once the home moving companies have been shortlisted will give you a better picture of what you may or may not need while also letting you plan your budget before committing to a long distance home mover of your choice. To get quotes and to enquire about long distance home movers are good moves that will eventually lead you to the right mover.

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