Consider Getting Home Inspected Prior to Selling It

Everyone knows it’s important to have a home inspected by a professional before buying it. However, it’s also important for the seller to have their house inspected before listing it for sale. Now, homeowners may think they know everything there is to know about their homes but they can still benefit from getting it inspected.

Consider Getting Home Inspected Prior to Selling It

Consider Getting Home Inspected Prior to Selling It

For one thing, the seller gets a fresh look at his property from an objective point of view. A lot of sellers have lived in the same houses for so long that they’re used to any little things such as a draft coming in around the windows and doors sticking. An inspector can spot these problem areas and point them out to the seller.

When the seller has the flaws pointed out, there’s now the chance to make repairs before listing the house. The seller can also decide if he wants to make the repairs or lower his asking price and pass the issues on to the buyer. But it WILL be an option instead of a nasty surprise later.

A beforehand inspection by the seller can help determine a fair asking price. Sellers who are aware of the condition of their houses can ask a realistic price from the beginning. A professional home inspection can help sellers see what areas are the most important to a buyer.

Having the house inspected ahead of time can help the buyers feel confident in dealing with the sellers. It’s a good selling point for the sellers to be able to say that they have had an inspection performed and show the results of that inspection to serious buyers.

This can make a buyer feel better about not having anything hidden from them regarding the house. Sometimes the buyers may even waive their right to have their own inspection conducted.

An inspection contracted by the seller can be used to reduce their liability. If a buyer still purchases the house after reading the report along with a disclosure statement of any problems, they cannot come back later and claim they didn’t know a particular problem was in existence. They are buying the house, dings and all. A seller inspection is a great idea all around.

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