Different types of wood that are stunning

If you’re one the quest of adding a little warmth to your home, search no further. Just by using wood, your home will become a warm and beautiful place, but not only that… There are many other things that you will gain by using wood. You can use it in many different ways in your home, and some of them are:

1) If you’re looking to spice up your walls a little bit, adding wooden moldings will do just that. It will make things more interesting.

2) Wooden floors can add a whole new dynamic to your space. Decorative patterns on wood floors look amazing, so you should consider using them in hallways and bigger rooms. Try using contrasting colors and different types of wood instead of a carpet.


3) As wood is a very diverse and versatile material, there’s a larger range in price. For those who want high quality wood, there’s Ebony and similar types of wood that are gorgeous and unique. For those who like cheaper kinds, Oak and Maple are beautiful, without the huge price tag.

4) Wood can be used as a noise blocker and reducer in your home. Using cork will prove of great use to you if you’re looking to reduce the noise in your home. They are also very environmentally friendly, and can come in many different colors and designs.

5) Wood can also be put to great use on the outside of your house, not just on the inside. It’s a very strong and durable material, and if taken good care of, can last for decades.

6) Wood can be put to great use on your ceiling too. It will give the room a very natural and warm dimension. Wooden ceilings can be either complex or simple depending on your taste.

7) Wooden picture frames will add a personal and warm touch to your interior. You can pick lighter or darker shades of wood for your frames, it depends if you’re looking to add or contrast to the room or not.

8) Wood can find it’s way on your windows in the form of functional and stylish wooden blinds. It’s a neat touch that will add functionality and class to your interior.
9) Using lighter shades of wood will make the room feel and look bigger. That’s why you need to take into account the size of the space when picking the color of the wood for your space. Lighter wood can make a smaller space feel bigger, while a darker wood can really engulf the entire room. If your room is bigger, try mixing different shades and types of wood.

When it comes to wood, the possibilities are endless. There is really something for everyone, and wood can create a wonderful atmosphere in your home. It will bring new life to your home, and it doesn’t matter if the wood if old or new, it will always make a home comfortable, warm, and pleasant.

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