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geoffProperty investment is an attractive means of creating wealth through rental income. Every year, thousands of new landlords enter the rental business of letting out their asset. The surprising thing about new entrants into the market, is their lack of experience and knowledge when it comes to dealing with tenants and delinquencies on rental agreements.

If you are a new landlord and your tenant is not living up to their end of the rental agreement, the one thing you do not want to do is seek advice from inexperienced people. Your family and friends are most likely not the best source for eviction information and legislation on how to handle the eviction process. What is needed in this circumstance is a solid, reputable team of eviction lawyers to handle this for you. and the benefits of dealing with professionals in their niches when it comes to orchestrating their landlord duties.


Today’s courts are filled with amateur landlords that have their case thrown out of the court because they were inadequately prepared for the procedure involved in evicting a delinquent tenant. In short, delinquent tenants will cost you more than the attorney fees of a good eviction lawyer and the time and money you will save by using a professional eviction attorney to handle your case will be worth a lot more to you than just money, the time saved in court can be better used by yourself to create further deals or handle other more pressing business affairs.

When assessing the market for an eviction lawyer, begin by asking your social circle for a referral, if you are unable to get one, then search through your local Real estate agents to find the firm that they are using. It is also a great idea to get in touch with a local property manager to find out whom they are using to handle their eviction matters.

The very best way to find an eviction attorney is to actually spend a few hours inside a local courtroom and listen to the eviction cases that are brought before the court. You will get an accurate, real-life assessment of the eviction lawyers performance and success or failure. Think of it as an eviction attorney audition in the real world environment.

When you have selected the eviction lawyer that you think will best suit your needs, it’s time to ask them a few questions about how they would handle a case, we suggest you use key questions, ask them if they specialise in evictions, how long their average eviction case takes to be settled and how many they deal with on a monthly basis. It’s also important to ask them about the time length of the proceedings from start to finish, the costs involved and their personal success rate at evicting delinquent tenants.


Any way that you decide to look at the situation, it will always be best to have your affairs handled by a reputable eviction lawyer that has a solid track record. They deserve a place on your team as a landlord and will greatly benefit you in your investing career.
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