Expectations of Full Service Real Estate Agents

There are many real estate agents out there that have professed to be full service representatives in their field. Although this is a great way to drum up business, it’s usually not all that true for the most part.

There are a few good agents out there that are all about full service, but the majority are only real estate agents because they think they will make a lot of money on commissions and closing costs. This is why you need to do a bit of research before picking your real estate agent.

Expectations of Full Service Real Estate Agents

Expectations of Full Service Real Estate Agents

The first thing you need to do is confirm that the agent you want is staying up to date educationally on everything that has to do with their current field. They should also be highly engaged in the current economy and should be keeping an eye on any new market data daily.

If you ask your prospective agent how often they look into the market data, and they say anything other than daily, walk away right there and then. You can do a lot better and you deserve to have someone that is willing to work hard for you.

One of the biggest problems with agents is their lack of communication, not only with the buyer but with the seller as well. When looking for your agent you should ask what kind of a contact arrangement you will be getting.

Good full service agents will have a complete plan of everything they are going to do for you and the contact and communication should be high on that list. They should be contacting you on a weekly basis. They should also be able to send you an email from time to time just to fill you in on things.

No matter what an agent says he or she can do for you, there is a good chance that they will fail. The reason is that it’s not very hard to pass the realtors exam and get a license. Some companies will hire anyone that has a license and those are the people you are going to be stuck with. Take your time and research your agent before you hire them to find your new home.

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