Free real estate CRM

crmSo you are a property investor? What’s your game? Rental, flipping or management? When it comes to the property market, there is a multitude of business models to consider. When you first start out as an investor, or property manager, its most likely that you won’t be behaving like Donald Trump and be purchasing hotels and massive buildings in the most expensive property markets in the world, its more likely that you start small and then scale up as your business grows. To manage this growth, there is a small, but incredibly powerful tool for you to use to assist you in better investing and better management of your properties. A free real estate CRM provides you with the access to information that you need to get your portfolio on track the right way.


A CRM solution for your property investing business, or your property management business will go a long way in helping you get your portfolio organized and make sure that you are on top of any situations that may have otherwise slipped your attention or memory. A CRM is a critical means of storing your client and prospect data alongside the data of your assets. With a SuiteCRM free demo for real estate CRM you are now able to look at your entire portfolio in one glance and make adjustments to your client data and your asset data with a click of a button. More importantly, it manages all the tasks and relationships that you need to keep an eye on and reports to you with the click of a mouse, right on your computer or laptop.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager or management. A CRM was designed to help a growing business manage all of its activities in one space that is open to all administrators and user on the system, enabling them to update process flows and keep the entire team in the loop while they are doing it. This seamless integration of all projects and tasks makes the company more efficient and also reduces time spent on tasks and in the property game we are sure that you agree with the old maxim of ‘time is money’ and that’s exactly what we set out to do when we created our free real estate CRM, save you time and earn you more money by providing a unique solution to fill your business need s the way you need them. Our CRM is customisable for any property business and offers so many features for you to keep track of your portfolio and make sure that everything in your business is running smoothly as it should.


So check out a free demo trial of our CRM software, with great technical support and the best functionality available in the world of CRM, we are confident that once you start using it, you will never look back and probably wonder why you weren’t doing this earlier, the time savings and the communication between your team will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. Good luck in your property ventures!


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