Investing in the North West of the UK

northwestAs a real estate investor or a property owner you’re always on the lookout for the next best investment to add to your portfolio. Thankfully around the world property prices are now starting to bounce back and we’re seeing prices pre 2008 crash; this applies particularly to the UK as figures released recently show the economy is on the rise. Depending on where you look in the UK prices can be expensive, for example in London, if on the other hand you look further afield in areas like the North West then you’re bound to find some great properties at perfect investment prices.



The Northwest is made of 3 key investment areas and they are Chester, South Manchester and Warrington.  These areas of a diverse selection of property types and these will all be dependent on your budget;  for example you can buy a small terrace property, a one bedroom bachelors flat and even large sprawling country estates.  The region enjoys stable house prices and offers properties that can generate high rental yields together with excellent capital growth potential; which is perfect for all investors’ right across the spectrum.   If you would like to find out more about investing in the North West then please visit

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