Italian real estate market: trend from DATABASE IMMOBILIARE ITALIANO

The coming year 2016 could be a really good one to take the plunge: it is that the idea is to buy a house to dwell in it to make a real estate investment, because the data released in December by the Nomisma laboratory records a plus sign (+ 6%) regarding purchases of apartments to be used for residential use.We at DATABASE IMMOBILIARE ITALIANO  cater to a diverse audience, so we rely on general data concerning our country in full. We know for a fact that in the last quarter of 2014 on a national scale, there has been an increase in real estate sales. The trend increase in real estate sales has also revealed steady throughout 2015. We should not think that the recession is over, but if you want to invest in brick, 2016 seems to be a good period for three main reasons that we try to expose. (see more info here RE-agents in Milan)The first reason is that the housing market goes in cycles, but in the long run, always increases.The second is that in the coming years will increase the mortgage: this makes us think QE ECB. The injection of liquidity by the European Institution has its aim to bring down mortgage rates. In all likelihood, the banks resume lending money at rates more affordable, therefore increase demand for people ready to buy a house.The third indicates that the tentative signs of economic recovery could boost demand: we, in property, a concept of economic growth slightly different from the average but, if the GDP were to return to growth, it is inevitable that there will be more people willing to buy. The more there are, the more clearly the lever real estate prices will rise. See ore info here compro casa




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