Main advantages of wooden houses

logo_danwood_en_subpageWe all dream about a house that will belong to us only and will be constructed the way we want it to be. And that dream is closer than you may imagine. It is possible to build a house and it is less expensive than you think. The solution is self-construction of wooden houses. That way of building a house is cheaper than buying a new build house from traditional materials or building a new house from traditional construction materials, such as bricks.


Build it cheaper with already-made elements


Self-constructed wooden houses are built from already made elements produced in factory. That elements are provided to the construction site and assembled there. This is cheaper solution but that kind of houses are of very good quality. Already-made elements are cheaper than traditional construction materials, such as bricks. But they are solid and reliable so you don’t need to worry, that your wooden house will collapse. That kind of construction is cheaper but the hous built this way will last for many years and will be used not only by you but also by your children and grandchildren. High quality elements will make the house useful for future generations of your family.


Timber is economical and ecological


Timber in natural thermo-protector material. That is also why building a house by your own is cheaper. Timber naturally keeps the inside of the house warm during the Winter and that is why you it will help you to safe some money on the heating. And you will also safe some money on the air condition in the Summer. When there is high temperature outside, temperature inside wooden house is lower. Timber is also environmentally friendly. So you don’t have to choose between inexpensive and ecological. Timber is entireally natural construction material known since ancient times. And it is also cosy element of house construction. It creates warm atmosphere in the house. Cosyness if very important feature of houses for many people.


Fast and inexpensive way of constructing


Self-construction of wooden houses is cheaper but the pace of construction is not lower than of traditional ways of building. In fact, it is faster. It takes less time to build a wooden house from already-made elements. So there is no need for you to wait couple of years for the removal. It will take couple of months to construct that kind of house. That is why this solution is so convenient. Assemblage of wooden houses is less complicated and experienced builders can do it very quick.


Control the construction of your house


Economical aspect of house building is very important nowadays. Not everyone can afford brand new house built traditional way. But houses built with already-made elements are relatively cheaper and more accessible. That is why this is perfect solution for people who are on a budget. And if you are one of them, you should choose self-construction. You will be able to build a house without spending a fortune. And you will be able to control every stage of construction as well.


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