Preparing to Move Your Furniture

Moving is rarely an easy experience. While it may be exciting to move to a new location, moving your furniture is not fun. You have to be sure you’re supervising the movers making sure they don’t break something while packing and then unpacking and arranging things. It can be quite a harrowing ordeal. It may be a relief to know that your entire move can be completed effortlessly with a bit of planning ahead.

Start planning at least one month prior to moving day. Gather all of the moving supplies that you’ll need such as boxes and tape. It’s also a good time to start stashing newspapers so you can wrap your breakables safely without having to buy bubble wrap. It’s essential that you make all necessary transportation and travel arrangements in advance. If you’re moving to a distant city, you’ll need to have your plane tickets in place or, if you’re driving, make sure your car has a full checkup before leaving.

Once you’ve completed all of that, it’s time to look for furniture removal services. You’ll want to check with different companies so you can find the best price for the best service. This shouldn’t be left to the last minute or you’ll end up using a man and van to move your furniture.

While all of that’s very important, there’s still something else that’s even more important. You must get your new address in order so that your mail will be delivered without any interruption. Contact your family, friends and important entities with your address change. Request that the post office forward mail to your new address.

Two weeks prior to moving, contact your utility companies and let them know of your address change. Also, contact the new utility companies where you’ll be moving so you can have your services turned on at the new residence. Confirm all moving and/or travel arrangements and start packing things that you don’t need until the move is complete.

The day before you move, be sure that your moving supplies are still available and that you’ve separated your important things like checks, documents, money and jewelry. Put those in something that you’ll have with you all the time. You won’t run the risk of losing them or not having something when you need it.

Last, but not least, stay calm on moving day. Losing your temper doesn’t help anything.

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