Real estate SuiteCRM demo

fynsisToday’s business environment is immersed in technology. Tech has helped surge the world into a communications age that has opened so many possibilities to help businesses grow. One of the least known but incredibly powerful technology tools that have helped businesses achieve their customer management and relationship goals has been the introduction of the CRM.

CRMs are a large project to undertake and the decision to implement it is sometimes regretted by management when the system does not launch on time, or costs more than the projected budget. However, if you find the right company to deal with that knows how to provide the tailored solution that you need, then you will be able to experience the power of a CRM come to life in your business, driving and managing your customer base into higher conversion and higher sales.

If you are considering a CRM solution for your business, then it’s important to include the costs of a good consultant that understands what your business needs are. A consultant can bring the project together by providing strategic planning to the project and troubleshooting any problems as they arise in the implementation. However, many companies do not turn to a consultant until things start going wrong.


Here are 5 scenarios where you might have to consider arranging a SuiteCRM consultation.

  1. You don’t have the right people on hand 
    It is common for executives to turn the responsibility over to their IT department to manage, this is a mistake as they do not realise the scope and size of the project entailed and will often end up overloading their staff with work, causing other disruptions in data flows to the company. By understanding the revolutionary power of a CRM, you will understand the need for a dedicated team to manage it and a good Suite CRM consultant will be able to tell you exactly what you will need in terms of workload to the team and the need to hire additional staff if necessary.
  2. If you are unable to have your customer info available at any point of demand

If you do not have your client data on hand when you need it, then you are dead in the water. With a CRM, you can transfer that data to any point in the network in seconds, making sure that you always have what you need on point.

  1. You don’t know the last time you contacted or met with your customer
    CRM is all about having the client data on hand and then all new interactions recorded. You are able to keep all data updated and available.

     4. You have no idea of your client service costs or lifetime value    

With a CRM you can track all the relevant costs related to converting your new or existing clients through your pipelines. You can identify the clients that are worth spending time on.

     5. Low customer satisfaction
This is the end all of why you really need a SuiteCRM solution in your business. Without the data to discover and manage low customer satisfaction, you will never even know it exists. A CRM helps you understand all the areas of the client’s involvement with the business and better manage them to achieve the results you want.


CRM software systems are more dynamic than ever, enabling client information from the dialogue to be captured effectively, further analysed, segmented and then included in the next action campaign launched from CRM to the client. A SuiteCRM consultant can assist you in taking the necessary steps needed to improve these scores and engage the client effectively across the relationship cycle. Speak to a SuiteCRM specialist to arrange a Real estate SuiteCRM demo for your business.


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