Saving the Planet by Using Alternative Methods of Construction

With the planet currently in crisis, there’s a need to create the energy we need in a different way so that it will not pollute and kill the planet. A lot of this comes from the energy we waste while cooling and heating our homes which puts out greenhouse gasses.We can actually have our creature comforts and not destroy the planet at the same time. Roof Worx can help you figure out the best type of material for your home based no your location and resources available. The solution is to build homes that use less energy.

Straw Bale Homes

Straw Bale Homes

Earthen homes, also known as earth ships, fall close to the top of the list. However, there’s a problem with most of the living space. It seems that it’s subterranean and doesn’t meet all of the fire codes needed.

A cord wood house is considered to be a great choice. It’s made completely from firewood logs cut to the length needed. Then they’re assembled with mortar as you would put together a brick house. The walls, however, are only firewood logs which may or may not bother some people.

Next, there’s the option of building homes from bales of wheat straw or rice. Believe it or not, the straw has been considered waste and has been thrown away for years. However, when it’s used for wall units, it produces a very high wall resistance and thickness of 14 to 16 inches. There’s over double the amount of cooling and heating these walls can hold in. This amounts to less energy being used and less greenhouse gasses spilled into the environment.

When you have the walls put up, it’s time to wrap it with a type of fabric that will let moisture exit the walls but not enter them. This is followed by a covering of one inch of cement. These homes are as beautiful as they are functional. An even nicer aspect is that only around 20 percent of the building is made from lumber.

That means more trees are saved. When you factor in that the cost is probably at least 50 percent less than usual methods of construction and they last for years, sometimes even centuries, it’s really something to consider. Less cost to build, better for the environment, and longevity are all great factors to think about.

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