Staging Your House for Viewing

One of the biggest commitments anyone ever makes is a buying a house. Buyers want to check every part of a house before making an offer. Sellers need to take steps in making their homes look inviting so potential buyers will find them appealing. This can be challenging since the seller has to keep it looking great while also living in it day to day.

Many times a realtor will call saying they have potential buyers to see the house immediately, so sellers have to be ready at the drop of a hat. Don’t despair because there are ways to do this.

Staging Your House for Viewing

Staging Your House for Viewing

To begin with, clear out clutter. Some clutter is ok but the less there is the better. Eliminate clutter such as newspapers or magazines first. Any built up clutter should be removed before the buyer sees the house. Remember that clutter can make a house seem smaller than it is and buyers don’t like that. A buyer wants to imagine how each room will look with their own furniture in it. This is difficult to do in a room full of books, knickknacks and toys.

Be diligent with your housecleaning, especially in the bathrooms and kitchens. Dirty floors make people think you don’t take care of your house. A house that’s clean, tidy, and neat will make all the difference in the impression that potential buyers have of your home.

It’s the responsibility of the seller to make any repairs needed to the house. These include fixing leaky faucets or loose floorboards. The owners might be used to living with small flaws but they can make a huge difference to potential buyers.

When you’re cleaning and making repairs, don’t forget the outdoor living areas. Anything you do inside should also be done outside. Yards should be mowed and de-cluttered. Any gardens you have should be kept neat. Outdoor areas should be neat and clean.

If you have a garage, patio or deck, they should be orderly. Throw out any broken or old furniture including outdoor planters. A lot of buyers care as much about the outdoor parts of the property as the home interior. Stage your home invitingly for the potential buyers and watch how fast it sells.

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