Take control of your own real estate sales

home1In an ideal world, your real estate agent serves as an advocate, confidant and maybe even a marriage counselor, guiding you through one of the biggest (and often fraught) financial decisions of your life. In reality, he’s a salesperson who earns a commission based on what a house sells for. This means brokers have an incentive for buyers to pay more, and in some cases, may also be tempted to gloss over details that could sour a deal. There are some great real estate agents out there and they should never be overlooked, but with the advent of disruptive technology more and more power is being put back into buyers hands and we’re now able to take over many aspects of the buying and selling process, with a great book such as the home buying kit for dummies you are literally able to save thousands of dollars in agents fee’s and take complete control of your own real estate.

And those are just two potential conflicts. “Real estate agents provide an important service, and the top ones have your best interests at heart, but you should be aware of the practices that go on to protect yourself,” says Eric Tyson co-author of the Home Buying Kit for Dummies. Since your broker may not be willing to tip his hand, we’ll clue you into the secrets he may be keeping from you.

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