What You Should Before You Rent Your Basement Apartment

Basement apartments are an excellent solution for renters trying to find affordable apartments in high cost cities such as New York and Boston. They’re also a great way for owners to turn into landlords and bring in some extra money. In fact, more home owners are starting to convert their basements into apartments every day.

As a result, there are now laws being enforced regarding habitable spaces and water-proofing. There are good reasons for this, too. No matter how exciting it is to get an affordable apartment in a big city, if it’s not up to code, your apartment isn’t going to be livable.

Something important to check for during an inspection of your basement apartment is the proper head height. A basement with full head height is typically 7 feet to 9 feet, depending on the state you live in. If you’re planning to put in a drop ceiling or a rigid board ceiling, the head height needs enough room for pipe access while still leaving enough space to stand comfortably. Every city is different whether you’re looking for apartments for rent in Boston or apartments for rent in Belgrade, so check with the local building inspectors in your area before you start construction.

Many states require egress windows to be installed in basement apartments. This should be done first as it’s a window that offers another emergency exit to escape in the event or flooding or fire. These windows must be big enough for an adult man to fit through. It must also have direct access to a yard or paved area. While being mandatory, it also lets in natural light into the basement.

Install a full moisture control system in the basement. This lets you avoid leaks which can cause musty and moldy circumstances as well as controlling the amount of moisture in the area. Most prospective renters find mold and odors distasteful along with having medical conditions that your basement can aggravate.

A basement moisture control or waterproofing system fits in just behind the finished walls where it protects the walls, insulation and studs. You don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars to finish your basement only to have it fall apart due to a small leak or flooding. Follow all the laws regarding waterproofing your basement and you’ll have a renter in no time. You can also find out more about waterproofing your basement here.

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