Why You Will Never Go Wrong With Homes for Sale in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is quickly becoming the destination of choice for most people who want to buy homes. The location of Costa Rica, the natural attractions and the availability and affordability of land are among the reasons why most people go there. When compared to most parts of North America, the price of land is comparably low, therefore making it affordable for most people who want to buy homes for sale in Costa Rica.

In addition, the low rates of property taxes are another reason for owning a home in Costa Rica. There are several reasons that have helped keep the rate of taxation at the lowest. To start with, the tax rate is computed on the value of the home as indicated by the municipality. In most instances, the values that are kept by the municipalities are much lower when compared to actual market rates. In addition, property taxes are just about 0.25% of the property value, which makes it one of the lowest in the Americas. Even in scenarios where the house is priced at actual market value, the amount of tax that you will pay is still quite low.


Moreover, Costa Rica does not tax capital gains. This means that whatever the increase in value your property achieves, if you choose to sell it, you get the entire principal amount plus the capital gains without having to worry about losing a percentage of it to the government. However, even if this changes in the future, the percentage of tax that is to be levied on capital gains should remain quite modest.

Other than cost of purchase and taxation issues, the natural beauty of Costa Rica makes buying homes for sale in Costa Rica a worthwhile investment. You can buy your first home or holiday home, whichever suits you the most. You will also find that the infrastructure is quite developed, so you can expect to find all the amenities that you need for a first class living. There are residential properties on seafronts and scenic spots that make it incredibly attractive buying properties for sale in Costa Rica.

Homes for sale in Costa Rica provide the stability that you need with your investments. A home is one of the biggest investments that you can have in your entire lives and making sure that it is giving you the value that you need is the best thing to do. The properties will continue appreciating, therefore increasing your net worth with each passing day.


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